Forklift Driving 


Courses are availableto anyone over sixteen years of age wishing to obtain their operators licence.

Forkliftdrivers are needed on not only the construction sites, but in many otherbusinesses that deal with trade. The employment opportunities spread a lotfurther than you could imagine, this is a very useful qualification to have foranyone either starting employment or improving their employment prospects.


Training willvary depending upon which type of forklift training is required and how muchexperience the candidates have on the machinery.

An inexperienced trainee will require 3/5days training (cost per day £100

An experienced trainee who has not heldan operators licence before will require 1/2 days training.

An experienced trainee renewing hisoperator licence will require one days training.

The course will consist of: Practical training,

Health & safety training,

Theory andpractical test.

Licence andcertification will be issued upon successful completion of the course andpassing the theory and practical tests.

City Trainingcan accommodate you by either coming out to your site or providing the trainingon our own site.


The cost of training will reflect upon the number ofcandidates there are to be trained, the type of machine they are to be trainedon and the number of days